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Online training and Seminars in Eastern techniques for natural breathing and preventive maintenance

Atmung im Tai Chi Qigong Dr. Langhoff

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Eastern Breathwork for Better Health, Fitness and Well-Being

The Society for Holistic Breathing - Offers online training in Eastern techniques for natural breathing and preventive maintenance

Human breath is something special - it happens automatically and in addition you can concentrate on it and control it in many ways. Harmonic calm breathing makes it easier for body and mind to form one complete whole.

Eastern breathing exercises not only train the normal breath but also Qi, a kind of inner breathing, which involves energy channels (meridians) through the body.

So on the one hand you do your "normal" breathing as deep, relaxed and complete as you can and on the other you guide the breath further to the different parts of your body.

This will be later explained in more detail in the exercises.

Atmung, asiatische Gesundheitsübungen, Qigong und Tai Chi

Die Atmung ist für meditative Künste ja eine Art Mittler: Einerseits funktioniert Atmen automatisch, aber andererseits kann man den Atem mit dem Bewußtsein regulieren. Ist man aufgeregt, ändert sich auch der Atem - dies ist automatisch. Ist man hingegen gelassen und ruhig, so siegelt auch die Atmung dies wider. Auch beim Schlafen atmet man ganz automatisch. Gerade für Menschen, die unter Stress leiden sind diese Sachverhalte wichtig.

Qigong Chi Kung Qi Gong Heilung durch Energie Qigong Chi Kung Qi Gong Heilung durch Energie Kranich


Alternative Health

As the ODP explains, Alternative Health explores health related issues using alternatives to the western scientific/medicine remedies.

"Holistic Health, the topic of this site, can be viewed as a strong tree, stable rooted and growing. One part is visible and another part is invisible. Together they form a complete whole. Respectively we have inner and outer aspects of posture and health" (Dr. N. Pavlovic).

The main topic of this site is what the Society for Holistic Breathing calls "holistic health", i. e. the integration of proper physical "outward posture" and the inner calm, centering and discipline. This concept is based on the Eastern viewpoint, that inner and outer appearance form a complete whole, which should not be disintegrated. For the Eastern culture this is easy to understand, because less distinction is made between mind and body.

Seminars: Networking Central Taijiquan Qigong Netzwerke, Umbrella Organization in Germany for chinese breathing exercises now online Dachverband Qigong. Breath and energy focusing in internal martial arts: and Yang-Family-Standards Seattle: Yang-Taijiquan-Stances as taught by Master Yang Jun.

Qigong Qi Gong Chi Kung

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